What's the Rate of Return with Syfe?

 Syfe rates of return are loosely tracking the interest rates set by the respective governments:

  • SGD ~3.8%*
  • USD ~5.4%*
You can see more about the Syfe Cash+ products on their page here.  See also our FAQ on What are the Details of Syfe Money Market Portfolios?
*as of June 2024

CashWise Can Help Extract More

It's important to note that investment holding returns are not the only factor to the overall ROC (return on cash).  What this means is that you can only achieve return on cash that is invested.  Cash in bank deposits are likely earning 0.1% or less.  

This is where CashWise can help.  On any given day, companies tend to hold cash in the bank for a multitude of reasons.  This is mainly for operating liquidity and as emergency reserves in case some expected revenues arrive late or for other unexpected spending.  These funds are essentially idle cash, which is a negative factor on ROC.

Depending on your cash flow profile, transaction volumes and net flows, the CashWise Robo-Treasury Platform will calculate what you need in any one account based on policies that you establish.  Any funds in excess are automatically deployed into investments (like Syfe Cash+).  The best part is that CashWise is cash flow aware so the system will bring funds back to your account before you need to spend it.  This means that idle cash is minimized and consequently ROC is maximized.

Find out What You Left on the Table

The CashWise team can help calculate what you've been leaving on the table.  Please reach out and book a meeting with our team to discuss further.