Can I Log into my Syfe Account Directly?

What is the Syfe Login Feature?

Currently, Syfe access is via a single user login which is under control of the CashWise platform.  We recognize that it is necessary for compliance and audit purposes for some users to have the ability to directly log into Syfe to have direct visibility of their account.  


Accordingly, there is a New Syfe Login Feature in CashWise to enable pseudo-read-only access.  In order to be able to log into Syfe, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  1. Your CashWise User Account must have with role of:  Owner or Admin
  2. Install the CashWise Assistant Chrome extension and have it active in your browser.  
  3. You must be actively logged into CashWise

Do's and Don'ts

Note that this feature will automatically log you into Syfe including handling the OTP for the initial login.  Things you can do with the login:

  • View balances
  • View transaction histories
  • Download Statements

Things you can't/shouldn't do with the login (many of these actions require additional OTP which is not enabled by our extension):

  • Make changes to portfolios
  • Transfer funds out - you can do this within CashWise
  • Change email / password

How to Access the Syfe Login

  1. Navigate to Account Settings

  2. Select Integrations tab and scroll down

  3. In the Investment Account section, select one of the Syfe Accounts

  4. Download and install the CashWise Assistant Chrome extension if you don't have it already, then click Syfe Login.

  5. The login process if fully automated, just wait and watch the login complete.