How to Check your Airwallex Deposit Account Name?

In order to ensure smooth and easy funds movement between your Airwallex and investment account, you will need to confirm that the Airwallex account is created with the deposit account name that matches your company name.

Here are the steps for you to verify this:

  1. Log into Airwallex, and Navigate to Wallet -> Global Accounts.  You'll see a list of deposit accounts for your Airwallex Wallet.  It'll look something like this: 

  2. Now select a deposit account to verify the account owner name.  The following is a good scenario.

  3. If you encounter a scenario where the Account Name says something like Airwallex (Singapore) Pte Ltd, you'll need to add/create a new deposit account.
If you need to add a new deposit account, you can follow this Airwallex FAQ.  This won't change how your Airwallex operates.  All deposits to deposit accounts of the same currency will be pooled together under a single wallet so there's no impact to your existing operations.