Can I Deposit Directly to Syfe?

You have the ability to deposit directly funds into your Syfe Account.  There are a few scenarios where this would be advantageous:
  1. Save Time - Sending to Airwallex is convenient since CashWise will automatically pick it up and manage it in accordance with your policies, however, each hop will likely take up to a day of processing which can take away from days earning interest so a direct deposit can reduce the lost time.
  2. Save Fees - Sending SGD via FAST and GIRO is very low cost and, in some cases zero cost, this is excellent but for USD this is not the case. By moving USD directly to Syfe, you can save the cost of an extra hop.  If your funds are held in a DBS USD account, you may be eligible for even lower fees, see the FAQ below to get more info.

Bank ➡ AirwallexSyfe


Bank ➡ Syfe

How to get the Syfe Deposit Information

To obtain your Syfe Deposit Account info, you need to have administrator privileges in CashWise.  Navigate to Account Settings and select the Syfe Account you wish to make a direct deposit to.

Please note that Reference field is extremely important to include in the transfer details. 
Without this information, your deposit will be delayed.

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